Destroying Western Civilisation From Within

29 November 2012
Destroying Western Civilisation From Within

British Freedom 29 November 2012
By Michael Copeland

"Destroying Western civilisation from within” is one of the "General Strategic Goals” of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organisation (previously banned) behind Egypt’s President Morsi. These goals are stated in a secret internal document of 1991 captured in a police raid after 9/11, and known as "The Project”. See it on the Internet (1).

"Using deception to mask intended goals” is another of the aims. Islam specifically authorises deception of non-Muslims. The Manual of Islamic Law has a section (r8.2) headed "Permissible Lying”. Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim from Egypt, has written on Sharia law and explains that deception is not only permitted, but in some circumstances is obligatory. This is the origin of all those familiar assurances about peace, coexistence, respect, tolerance and so on, now tired, well-worn, and increasingly transparent.

The Project has been diligently followed since 1991. A number of actions now familiar are revealed to have been part of that plan all along. The orchestrated demonisation of Israel, the lauding of ‘Palestinians’, endless claims of victimhood and discrimination, persistent demands for special exceptions for Muslims (on ‘religious’ grounds) in diet, hygiene, washing facilities, prayer rooms, dress, hair, holiday observance and so on, have become routine, as have high-profile pro-Islam activities at Universities. This is the incremental imposition of Sharia: every polite and helpful Western concession is an intended Sharia advance. The establishing of financial networks and of extensive social networks of schools, Islamic centres, ‘charitable’ organisations, and so on, all behind the shield of religion, is evident. These are all what Robert Spencer has called the "Stealth Jihad”.

Less obvious are the rewriting of school textbooks with whitewashed versions of Islam’s centuries of slaughter, subjugation, and cultural annihilation. Of greater concern is the infiltration of not only universities, but also government offices — especially the White House and Washington — with Brotherhood sympathisers and agents, who influence policy, legal cases, immigration, and so on from within.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organisation of Al Qaeda and Hamas. It was founded in Egypt in 1928 specifically to reinstate the Islamic Caliphate (Empire) abolished by Kemal Atatürk, and to make it global, imposing Sharia law (by force if necessary) on all peoples: "The Koran is our law, Jihad is our way” forms part of their motto. As Sharia law is "incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” (2) it follows that, to make room for it, Western democracy has to be destroyed. This is not abstract theory. It is being actively promoted in Europe by agents such as Anjem — "Osama bin Laden is our leader” — Choudary. This egregious activist announced:

"Our campaign… will be — Rotten Britain, and destroying the foundations of Western civilisation. So… be part of the project of forbidding man-made law… and calling for the Sharia” (3).

"Calling for” is Choudary-speak for "enforcing” (as in Tower Hamlets), without, of course, any tiresome need to enact a man-made statute first.

President Morsi is busy showing his Brotherhood credentials by allowing hard-liners to suppress the constitutional rights of the Christian community, who are attacked, and some killed, who have their churches and shops burnt, their daughters abducted, forcibly converted, and ‘married’ to Muslim captors — all consistent with Sharia law’s subjugation of non-Muslims. The police response, if there is one, is well-delayed and ineffectual. Sharia now trumps the Constitution. There are mobile rural ‘health’ buses for performing schoolgirl genital mutilation. Morsi has shut down press opposition, removed Mubarak sympathisers from the administration, and declared his edicts mandatory and unappealable. The hard-line Islamic group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya has announced that anyone who acts against Morsi’s declaration is liable to be murdered (4). Sharia gallops ahead in Egypt as its economy, especially tourism, nosedives. Hard-liners openly advocate destroying those symbols of idolatry, the Pyramids and Sphinx. The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Muhammad Badie, has proclaimed its "greatest goal… mastership of the world” (5). A previous leader, Muhammad Mahdi Akef, said in 2007:

"Islam will invade Europe and America… the Jihad will lead to smashing Western civilization and replacing it with Islam…” (6).

Mohammed Badie, for his part, reminds everyone that "Jihad is obligatory” (7). "Jihad”, explains the Manual of Islamic Law, "means to war against non-Muslims” (o9.0).

The USA, already trillions in debt, makes large annual aid grants to Egypt. Islam-friendly President Obama has written off over a billion dollars of debt owed. Puzzlingly, but revealingly, the EU, unelected, dictatorial and Sharia-friendly, whose own accounts have never been passed by auditors and whose member states are in vast debt themselves, has made a huge loan — of money it does not have. The West is taking on extra debt to subsidise its own would-be executioner.


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