Denmark: Cinema warns against noisy Muslims

20 August 2012
Denmark: Cinema warns against noisy Muslims

By Nicolai Sennels

The cinema Palads is probably the biggest in Denmark. I and most of my friends always avoids it because of the many noisy and misbehaving immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. The warning against noisy Muslims in certain cinemas thus applies unofficially all year round. This sign was put up at the cinema Palads in connection with Ramadan 2012 before being taken down again a few hours later because of accusations of racism:

Translation of Palads' warning:

"Ramadan and Eid Saturday, Sunday and Monday (August 18.-19.-20) the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan, ends and all Muslims will be celebrating.

It happens with food and drink, and some also go to the cinema. Therefore cinema guests all over the country must expect more guests and more noise than usual.

We expect that it will happen in connection with movies such as Batman 3, Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, Abraham Lincoln and Prometheus, but we of course can not know beforehand.

Guards from the security company GS4 will be patrolling the cinema all day long, and if you experience disturbances please contact them or our staff.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Yours, Palads"

MP Martin Henriksen (Danish Peoples Party) cooments the case in Jyllands-Posten (August 19 2012 "OK to warn against Muslims"), Denmark's biggest newspaper:

"It is well known that some Muslims behave differently when they are together with many other Muslims. For some it feel uncomfortable ... If you that ask Muslims to quiet down, they tend to show threatening behaviour. Therefore it is good that people are warned. ... I see Palads' warning as pointing to reality. When it is Ramadan, some Muslims change their behavior. It is not all Muslims who misbehave but there are quite some who do. ... When many Muslims are gathered at one place there is a tendency for the formation of unpleasant situations. There is a tendency that this kind of problems appear in connection with Ramadan and they must be dealt with. There is a reason why Palads put up the warning." Two anonymous cinema workers comment the case - via the award winning and most read blog in Denmark,

"My brother was manager in Palads for six years. He has asked me to post the following of his experience from five years of Eid:

- One stabbing incident. - An episode of young immigrants running around with a knife and threatened Danish guests 'for fun' - A mass brawl between 40-50 Somalis, preferably girls (WTF!!) - An episode where two rows of chairs had their seats and backrests slashed with a knife, all in all about 40 chairs. - A manager got a gun to his forehead when he asked an immigrant to extinguish his cigarette inside the hall during the film. - Several episodes of immigrants taking pictures of the staff when they were asked not to ruin the show for others by smoking, shouting, phoning, etc. - Several episodes of young female workers being harassed sexually by immigrants.

Out of the approx. 200 guests that I have asked to leave the cinema because they could not behave properly only 20 of themhave been Danes, the rest were immigrants. Although there are less trouble over the years, I finally had enough and quit my job at Palads, because I found myself losing faith in my fellow citizens. It is depressing in the long run."


"I have worked in a cinema during Eid and believe me when I say it is Hell. People behave completely wild and I was not the only one receiving threats. We were told by our managers to take off our name tags after work because several from our staff got beaten up after work."