Danish municipality: 90 percent asking for economic help for celebrating Christmas are Muslims

21 November 2012

Jihad Watch 21 November 2012
By Nicolai Sennels

While the newly elected Muslim majority in a local board in Kokkedal, Denmark decided not to spend 1,000 USD on a Christmas tree a few days after having spent 10,000 USD on their Eid-party, their brothers and sisters in faith in the municipality North Als found a way to benefit from the infidels' tradition: Applying for economic help to celebrate Christmas... They want our money but not our culture and we gladly pay - even if it means that Christian Danish families will then have to do without. When Christian organisations will stand up for the culture and tax payers supporting them...? One more example of The sad, sad lack of solidarity among Christians:

Translated by Nicolai Sennels from Ekstrabladet, November 14 2012 "90 percent of applicants for economic help to celebrate Christmas are Muslims":

The President of the Church Cross Army, Havnbjerg Ole Sørensen Werth, was leading the meeting as the board met on Monday. And as a regular item on the November meeting agenda, requests for economic help for celebrating Christmas were undertaken -- but something had changed compared to last year:

"We noticed many with foreign, non-Danish names. Let's just call them Muslims. It surprised us and we discussed it," says Ole Werth Sorensen, who has headed the Church Army's local Christmas help for five years.

They also discussed that it would be necessary to deselect some of the applicants because of the many families applying. Quickly it was decided that they could not discriminate because of peoples' faith, but that it might be necessary to initially reject candidates who are not single parents.

"Economic Christmas Help is about Christian charity, and whether your name is Mustafa or Jens does not matter, though we shall discuss it at the next board meeting. Then we will also know how many applications we have," says Ole Werth. Last year, 43 individuals / families Christmas received a gift consisting of a voucher of 30-60 USD to the local shopping center -- and / or a gift voucher of 30 - 75 USD for the Church Cross Army second hand store: 30 individuals / families were also paid a small amount of cash.