Current Canadian Muslim Marriage guide suggests that women whos husbands are killed in jihad...

Vlad Tepes - 17 May 2012

Eight: Do not permit any gap to separate you and your husband in Jihad, if he is jailed or killed in this way then you should continue his struggle. Be like the wife of "Wahab” for when he was killed in the battle she took the pole of the tent and fought the enemy with it. After she was killed by the sword of the enemy. her spirit joined her husband’s in heaven.

Hey Girls! Be sure to learn about the benefits of Polygamy...”the West, and particularly the Christian church leaders, have used this permission of polygamy for criticizing Islam. Their motive seems just to oppose Islam, hoping thereby to hamper its progress, by degrading it in the eyes of the world.

This came from a Canadian registered web site, (...)