Coward-Journalists: Lars Hedegaard is guilty in the murder attempt on himself

13 February 2013
Coward-Journalists: Lars Hedegaard is guilty in the murder attempt on himself

By Nicolai Sennels

Several journalists and writers, especially from the newspaper Politiken, believe that Lars Hedegaard are to blame for the attempted assasination on himself and that his statements on Islam are not less violent than the physical violence that he experiences from his opponents

Journalist Peter Mogensen from Politiken writes bluntly that Hedegaard's criticism of Islam is the "driving force" behind the shooting: "Hedegaard's fanatical views are the driving force behind the attack on him".

As if Hedegaard's opinions on Islam can remote control the actions of others. They can not, of course. The only driving force is the shooter's own ideology, which as we know does not tolerate criticism and orders its adherents to kill its critics. Or should Hedegaard be put in jail for being shot at?

Mikael Rothstein, employee at the Danish State Radio, DR, categorises harsh words about Islam such as Hedegaard's with illegal physical violence:

"If we want to understand what is happening in society, we must understand that [Hedegaard's] brutal words can have as strong an effect as brutal physical violence."

Author Birgitte Heltberg writes in Politiken that "How much do their (Islam critics) wretched notion of freedom cost the Danes when it comes to police work?

Lars Hedegaard is not a tragic victim, he is a pathetic fool!" Would Heltberg also have stopped the fight against nazism if it turned out too expensive?

People who are shot for critisising Islam are not victims?

This kind of coward-journalists are no better than the coward-men who believe that women in sexy clothes themselves are asking for it if they are raped.

In fear of getting on the death list themselves by standing up for freedom of speech, criticizing the victims instead of the ideology that drives the criminal.

Since an Arab looking young tried to shoot Lars Hedegaard in the head on February 5th, several Muslims and Leftist journalists have seen themselves called to condemn the attack.

None of them said that critisism of Islam should be legal, though.