Choking scandal: Turkish Prime Minister Abuses 13 Year Old Boy

12 October 2009
Choking scandal: Turkish Prime Minister Abuses 13 Year Old Boy

Kopp Verlag Sep 09, By Udo Ulfkotte

The internationally courted Turkish Prime Minister Recip Erdogan feels as heir of state founder Atatürk. He wants to be admired. But woe betide those who critizise him. A 13 year old boy dared to criticise him. He publicly got choked. And now the child is on trial- not the choker Erdogan. You might know that the Turkish Prime Minister was imprisoned as a criminal for a long time in a Turkish high security jail.

The reason: his radical- islamic excursions. Mister Prime Minister Erdogan was sentenced to 10 months of jail and life long ban from politics for abuse of basic rights and freedoms according to article 14 of the Turkish constitution and article 312/3 of the former Turkish penal code: inciting others to hatred based on class, race, religion, sect or regional differences.

Erdogan’s Islamist “quality journalists” had the task to depict Turkey as a civilised country which belongs to Europe. Erdogan himself again and again claimed to have bettered himself during his time in jail, to really be a “normal” person. .

Butt he former delinquent frequently freaks out. So he choked a 13 year old boy. He grabbed the boy who had dared to criticise him by the throat and choked him in public.

The choking scandal has consequences- not for the obviously heavily disturbed Turkish Prime Minister, but fort he 13 year old child. (Source: RP, 12. September 2009).

The following story happened during the Turkish local election campaign: 13 year old Mehmet (his real name is not being published) is not a follower of Erdogan. His family (father:

electrician) suffers from the effects of the economic crisis. When Erdogans bus passes by, the boy shouts: „Allah will punish you at the elections!“ Erdogan sends bodyguards in order to bring the boy to the bus. The Prime Minister grabs Mehmet and chokes him. “What did you say”, he barks at him- the boy repeats his sentence.

Why he would say something like that, Erdogan asks. The boy answers: “I don’t like you”. Instead of the despot the boy has to face trial. An attorney threatens him with up to three years of jail for offending a leading representative of the state. “Nowhere else you would find something like this”, the Turkish lawyer Aytac says.

Now the little boy has to face trial. Called Mehmet by the Turkish Media, the boys real name is Mustafa Özyurt. His father runs an electric shop. Business is not going well, the family blames the economic policy of the government.

Erdogan wants the boy to pay for what he said during his campaign in March 2009. Erdogans finger nails scratched the boy’s neck so deep that photographers were able to document the bruises days later.

Most German „quality media“ do not comment on the incident. Think about it: do you remember the shoe attack on President Bush in Iraq in December 2008? All German media reported. That was a poor Iraqui who attacked President Bush. And now, in the case of a little Turkish boy it obviously does not alarm German “quality journalists” that their darling Erdogan seems to lose it frequently.

The criminal Prime Minister Erdogan treats all of his critics like this- also Journalistsn. One can read this publicly. Turkish publishing houses have enormous problems with the despot Erdogan.

German „quality journalists“- Spiegel for example- prefer to conceal many of the episodes of the Turkish leader. Otherwise people could get the impression that the despot has not changed at all since his stay in jail and that Turkey probably is not really part of Europe…