Child-Rapist Appeals for Leniency in a Danish Court

Gates of Vienna - 03 December 2012

Dymphna posted earlier tonight about the state of dysphoria that is induced in her by reading depressing and appalling news stories. This post is therefore one that she should avoid — as should anyone else who has PTSD or is otherwise sensitive to descriptions of violent and sadistic barbarities.

The "Danish” criminal in this story — which has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100% — is appealing the court to have his sentence reduced and avoid deportation, after being convicted of raping a little girl.

It’s hard to begin to list the appalling aspects of the case. This wretched animal only received a six-year sentence in the first place — and he thinks that is too severe a punishment!

Presumably he has learned to expect greater "tolerance” from Modern Multicultural Denmark, and is reminding the Danes that they must overcome their racism and treat his culturally enriched self with the respect it inherently deserves.

Well, good luck to him. Denmark is far gone, but probably not that far gone.

The following article was adapted from a translation by Michael Laudahn posted at Vlad Tepes. The original article was published at (continue reading...)