Brunei to institute Sharia Law: Amputation, stoning legal punishments

Examiner - 22 October 2013 - From Timothy Whiteman

Long heralded as a prime example of "moderate Islam," the Sultanate of Brunei is in the process of implementing Islamic Sharia Law into the small nation's criminal code, as reported by The International Business Times (of London, England) on Oct. 22, 2013.

With the official name of the country Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, the absolute ruler of the oil-soaked postage stamp of a country, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced that the strictest interpretation of Islam's theologically-based Sharia will be the veritable law of the land.

One Step Forward, Fifteen Centuries Back...One of the richest men on the planet reportedly personally worth $20 billion, Bolkiah announced to the nation:

By the grace of Allah, with the coming into effect of this legislation, our duty to Allah is being fulfilled.

As cited by the IBT, those convicted of adultery will (by design) be slowly stoned to death; thieves will have the offending appendage lopped off; and public whipping awaits those found to be consuming alcohol (continue reading...)