British Freedom Deputy Leader Stephen Lennon Receives Prestigious Freedom Award In Florence

17 September 2012
British Freedom Deputy Leader Stephen Lennon Receives Prestigious Freedom Award In Florence

British Freedom 17 September 2012
By James Castle

British Freedom’s Stephen Lennon has received the prestigious Oriana Fallaci Memorial Award for his services in standing up for freedom in the steps of Oriana. Mr Lennon has spent this weekend in Florence and he spoke at the Oriana Fallaci Memorial Conference that was held in the city before receiving his award.

The conference which takes place annually is organised by the Italian pro-freedom organisation Una Via Per Oriana. Human rights activists from across the world were present at the event. Stephen Lennon has been a persistent human rights advocate, standing up against the bullies who want to inflict sharia compliance on our countries against the will of their populations.

Oriana Fallaci was the victim of a politically motivated trial in 2005 and the charge made against her was one of "defaming Islam”, which effectively meant that she had said things that were not sharia compliant. She was the victim of many other lawsuits; the use of lawsuits to intimidate people has continued and there have been many more victims of them. It seems that the desire of governments and the powerful to shut down any and all dissent is more potent than ever. Today free speech is in much need of a champion and that champion is Stephen Lennon.

The torch of freedom that was once carried by Oriana Fallaci has now passed to a new generation, Stephen Lennon’s generation. Like Oriana who stood up to the Nazis and Italian fascists in World War Two, Stephen today stands up to government backed neo-fascist street mobs who aim to bring an end to free speech. He does this despite violent threats, despite actual acts of violence against him, and despite state sanctioned persecution. If ever there is a man who stands up for freedom as passionately as Oriana, that man is Stephen Lennon. This brave man is a worthy recipient of this award, and a worthy successor to the spirit of Oriana Fallaci.

We are proud that Stephen Lennon is a leader within our party and an important watchman on the walls of liberty. We congratulate him on his receipt of this award, which gives recognition for his bravery, steadfastness, and perseverance in the face of danger and the unrelenting march of tyranny.