Bomb hits French embassy convoy in Baghdad

Times of India - 20 June 2011

BAGHDAD: Seven people were wounded on Monday when a French embassy convoy was hit by a make-shift bomb in Baghdad in the second attack on the mission's vehicles in a month, an embassy official and local police said.

The attack in Baghdad's al-Mesbah neighbourhood underscored the still shaky security situation in the capital as the last US troops prepare to withdraw by a planned year-end deadline.

Iraqi security sources said seven people were wounded in the attack, but an embassy spokesman said no French diplomatic or security personnel were hurt though one of the convoy's vehicles was badly damaged.

"We had an attack with an IED (improvised explosive device)," Issa Maraut, the French embassy first consul, said.

A French embassy convoy also was hit by an improvised explosive a month ago, but Maraut said there was no indication the embassy was being specifically targeted. (...)