Black Flags over "Arab Spring"

28 January 2013

Right Side News 28 January 2013
By Diana West

Libya Shield -- a security provider to USA in Benghazi -- and the AQ flag of jihad. As Hillary Cinton testified last week: The United States has to be "effective in partnering with the non-jihadists, whether they fly a black flag or any other color flag."

At Hillary Clinton's House "Benghazi" hearing last week, Rep. Tom Marino brought up the Library of Congress report "Al Qaeda in Libya: A Profile." The August 2012 report was prepared by the Library's Federal Research Division in conjuction with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office's Irregular Warfare Support Program. Marino wanted to know whether the secretary of state had read it.

Clinton replied by talking about the many reports that cross her other words, no.

Unfortunately, Marino followed up with nothing specific. For example, he could have informed the secretary of state that the report i.d.'s the leader of Libya Shield militia, Wissam bin Hamid, a reported veteran of the Iraq insurgency (Afghanistan, too), as a suspected leader of Al Qaeda in Libya. To be sure, bin Hamid's Libya Shield militia fights and parades under the black flag of Al Qaeda (above), and bin Hamid is a vocal proponent of sharia over all in Libya ("Islamic shariah is a red line. We will not cede one rule of it....") It was Libya Shield members, not incidentally, who met -- squabbled with and delayed -- the small contingent sent to Benghazi from Tripoli on the night of September 11, 2012 (just another security shocker not noted in the Benghazi hearings). In the final cable Amb. Christopher Stevens signed on 9/11/12, bin Hamid is further id'd as having threatened US personnel with withdrawing security from the US compound if a Muslim Brotherhood candidate didn't win upcoming Libyan elections.

Wouldn't it have been logical for Marino and his colleagues to have asked: Mme. Secretary, how can it be that the United States government permitted an out-and-out jihadist, a suspected leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, to provide security for US interests in Benghazi? What were US interests in Benghazi, anyway? Why was Amb. Stevens even there on 9/11/12? In fact, could you explain what American interest is served by the administration's "Arab Spring" policy that allies the US with jihadists?

What difference does it make?! Mme. Secretary might well have responded. Anyway, bin Hamid is merely a former automobile workship owner, -- the NYT said so.

Marino went on to display photos of Al Qaeda flags from protests around the Muslim world, eliciting a classic, if grossly underreported, Clinton response:

"The United States has to be as effective in partnering with the non-jihadists, whether they fly a black flag or any other color flag, to be successful.”

The Secretary of State just declared herself blind to AQ's flag of jihad.

And Congress? It seems eqaully as to the implications of Obama-Clinton policy: that Uncle Sam has furthered the jihad over the course of "Arab Spring," and particularly in Libya and Egypt, with spillover now visible throughout the region.

This logical conclusion is getting pushback from one of the leading busybodies in the world, French "philosopher" Bernard Henri Levy, who credits himself (and made a movie about it) as having singlehandedly connected Libyan "rebels" with France's Sarkozy, who then brought along the UK and the US to join in overthrowing Qadaffi. (He even seems to be right about his role to a shocking extent.) Levy denies any connection between events in Libya and events in Mali and Algeria. (continue reading...)