Bangladesh: Government have to protect Buddhist sites against Muslims

JihadOnBuddhists - 07 February 2013

And jews needs protection against Muslims in Europe: "Numbering between 1 million and 1.5 million, Buddhists represent less than 1 percent of Bangladesh’s population. Following the disturbances last autumn, the Bangladesh government deployed army forces to guard and protect various Buddhist temples across the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also called for the reconstruction of all damaged homes and temples.

However, an unidentified local Buddhist community leader in Cox’s Bazaar said some of the Muslim rioters and looters were prominent political figures.

"There were people from all the major political parties among the rioters,” he told BBC.

"Some were local leaders who are well-known to us. It is difficult for outsiders to know where these Buddhist temples are situated and which house belongs to the Buddhists.”

Some of the temples destroyed were centuries old, and included priceless relics, statues and documents now forever lost.” (continue reading...)