Bahrain agreement with Denmark rejected

Gulf News - 15 February 2012 - From Habib Toumi

Manama: Bahrain's lower chamber has refused to endorse a bilateral agreement on taxation with Denmark despite clarifications from the finance ministry. Lawmakers, led by Adel Al Mouawda, from Salafi society Al Asala, argued that they could not support an agreement with a country that allowed insults against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The veteran MP was referring to the controversy sparked by the publication of caricatures of Prophet Mohammad by a Danish daily in 2005.

"We would have rejected the agreement if there had been a negative stance towards our political leaders," Al Mouawda said. "The matter is much more serious when the target is the dearest person in our lives, our Prophet (PBUH), so we must reject the agreement, no matter how economically important it is. God and His Prophet hold the top positions in our hearts," he said at the weekly session on Tuesday. (...)