A significant step of the Islamists in Denmark

sunday.niedziela.pl - 28 November 2012 - From STANISLAW POLAK

To our surprise we found out that the Council of residents of the housing estate Egeldalsvaenge in the Dunish town Kokkedal where the Muslims gained most votes, decided to resign from the celebration of Christmas. To justify their decision, the Council says about too high cost of the undertaking (7 thousand crowns – about 4 thousand zlotys for a Christmas tree and the Christmas party).

The decision of the Council caused outrage of the local media because only a few days earlier it had spent 60 thousand crowns on the celebration of the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice. What happened in one of the Danish towns is very significant and can open the eyes of those Europeans who said farewell to the faith in God. They rejected Christ.

They chose the celebration in a secular way, without Christ, without God. They still keep outer signs because if we went through European countries such as: Germany, France, Italy we would notice a lot of Christmas trees, Christmas decoration, garlands, various elementsthere which remind of the fact that once the Christian faith has used to be here, that culture which used to be present in the life of citizens in these countries so far, is still marked with Christian signs.

Big cities and smaller towns have wonderful churches, monuments resembling faith and life in faith. The streets of European cities are often called by the names of the saints. Everything seems to be Christian but in fact there is a lack of what is the essence of Christianity and the essence of Christian culture. This main essence is faith in God.

‘I believe in one God’ – said pre-fathers of old Europe and in the name of God they were experiencing their time, their victories and defeats, their achievements and accomplishments. Everything happened with God and God accompanied Europeans for 2000 years, but the faith in old Europe has been weakening for some time. People are departing from God’s commandments, from religious practices.

They stop attending the Holy Mass, churches are becoming empty. There also appears a new way for life. In many countries euthanasia has been legalized, that is, killing old, ill, disabled people and abortion is also practiced. In Europe atheism started to exist which tells the man to forget about God.

Another serious problem of Europe is the low demographic growth of its Christian inhabitants. Whereas the population of the Muslims settling in Europe is growing. After all, they started inhabiting in France and many other European countries. Islam is developing in Europe. And its characteristic feature is the fact that if it is weaker, it is urbane, gently marks its presence, but if it becomes stronger, it starts to show what it can really do to people and what it can do from Europe.

Certainly, I am not opposed to Islam as religion but I also think about what is happening with Europe and what is also happening with our homeland when it stops believing, stops bringing up children in a Christian way when in families God is not worshipped, when feminists and othersecularizing movements are gaining approval, when television and other mass media are proclaiming raging atheism. Unfortunately, also baptized people are joining the atheism. And those people are present on TV and other mass media today, in order to proclaim atheism, in order to take the side against the Church, in order to destroy the opinion about priests.

If nothing changes, in our country which is called a Catholic country, atheists will be domineering, who are enemies of God and the Church. Unfortunately, we do not have strong mass media or enough strength to make Polish Catholics aware that there is a serious threat by atheism, a threat to Christian religion. It has already been seen in Europe, in one of the housing estates of a small Danish town. It is a very important sign. Maybe it is good that it happened so, because many Europeans who are cold Christians, will realize the big danger. (continue reading...)