A Crowd of 300 Egyptian Men Sexually Assault Three Women

Bulletin Of The Oppression Of Women - 26 November 2012 - From Asma Marwan

A crowd of 300 young people on Sunday sexually assaulted three women near Tahrir Square, according to a report on the website of Egypt’s flagship paper Al-Ahram. After the assault, which took place near the Qasr al-Dobara Church that is used as a field hospital in the current protests, the women ran to the nearby Mugamma administrative building in Tahrir Square, the Al-Ahram journalist present wrote about the incident.

Their assaulters followed them there, but the employees of the building closed the doors to block them out. Dozens of other demonstrators, who had been holding a sit-in in the square, then beat the assaulters with sticks and rocks to disperse them, and took the women to their tents in the center of the square.

The report said the Al-Ahram photographer could not take pictures of the women being assaulted, as the assaulters threatened to destroy his camera. (continue reading...)