8 Reasons You Arent Safer than You Were 4 Years Ago

Jihad Watch - 05 November 2012 - From Robert Spencer

In PJ Media this morning I make the case against the appeaser-in-chief. Are you safer from the global jihad and Islamic supremacism than you were four years ago? Over the last four years, Barack Obama has:

Warmly supported the "Arab Spring” revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya (the latter with military aid) that heralded the installation of pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist regimes in each. These regimes are already oppressing women and non-Muslims and striving to outdo their predecessors in anti-Americanism. The Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, meanwhile, is giving out strong and repeated hints that the Camp David Accords, and Egypt’s uneasy but 30-year-old peace with Israel, are not long for this world.

Refused to say a single positive word about the uprising against the bloody Islamic regime in Iran, ostensibly on the grounds that American support would doom the uprising to failure – a possibility that never gave him pause in his rush to praise the Egyptian, Libyan, and Tunisian uprisings. He thus missed an opportunity to weaken and destabilize, at the very least, a rogue regime that is relentlessly pursuing development of nuclear weapons and has made no secret of its genocidal intentions toward Israel.

Displayed repeated contempt for Israel and its prime minister, thereby drastically weakening the U.S.’s relationship with its only ally in the Middle East and encouraging jihadists who have vowed to destroy the Jewish state – not least in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Readily acquiesced to the demands of Muslim groups tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood that training material for the FBI and Department of Homeland Security be purged of all accurate information about how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to recruit and motivate terrorists. This has led to a government-wide willful ignorance about the motives and goals of those who have vowed to destroy us, which in turn leads to disastrous policy mistakes based on false assumptions about the outlook and aspirations of Muslim "insurgents.” The most obvious recent consequence of this analytical failure was the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans at the Benghazi consulate by revolutionaries Obama and Stevens had backed on the assumption that they were benign democratic pluralists.

Kept American troops in Afghanistan without a clearly defined mission, fighting against a foe, the Taliban, that have so thoroughly infiltrated the government and police force that our troops are murdered by their putative allies in ever-increasing numbers. Our ostensible allies have responded to this infiltration by inviting Taliban members to run for offices in the upcoming elections, making it more unclear than ever what is the purpose of the continuing American presence there, except perhaps to demonstrate that Barack Obama is not weak on defense or soft on jihad terror.

Aided and abetted the ever more prevalent idea that when Muslims riot and murder over something a non-Muslim has said or done, the fault, and the responsibility to change his behavior, lies with the non-Muslim. He has done this by blaming the Muhammad video for the Benghazi consulate attack for a considerable period after he knew that it was a jihad attack that had been planned for some time beforehand and had nothing to do with the video. By proclaiming that "the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” he has thrown in his lot with those who are demanding curbs on the First Amendment to criminalize the criticism of Islam.

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