70% of French Prison Population is Muslim

The Muslim Issue - 12 February 2013

Muslim problems in France never end. Monthly riots, weekly arsons, daily rapes and assaults. The ideology of Mohammed is seen on a daily basis. Women cannot walk in peace in French cities anymore from muslim stalking. The Muslim crime wave, like elsewhere, is massive in comparison to their total percentage. Deja vu. It’s the same wherever you go in Europe where Muslims have been allowed.

A recent poll showed that 32% of French people share the ideas of the "far-right” National Front party. 54% of French people felt the French government had been allowed to give too much freedom to Muslims to force Islam on their society. Although Muslim problems have been festering and growing in the country ever since Charles de Galles invited a free flow of Muslim immigrants into the country with a Euro-Arab collaboration treaty in 1973.

The current day attitude is ignored to the actual problems and are instead largely been blamed on the the influence of Marine Le Pen, who succeeded her father as leader two years ago and revamped the image of her party. But that doesn’t mean that traditionally Socialist France is ready to vote for her. (continue reading...)