7,000 Hamas Terrorists May Be Propping Up Morsi in Egypt

FrontPage Magazine - 12 February 2013 - From Daniel Greenfield

Considering that Hamas is really an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and that there were reports that Iran called in Hezbollah and Hamas to deal with its election protests, it wouldn’t exactly be the first time that Hamas was being used to suppress a popular uprising by one of its backers.

Did Hamas dispatch 7,000 militiamen from the Gaza Strip to Egypt to protect President Mohamed Morsi, who is currently facing a popular uprising?

Reports that appeared in a number of Egyptian opposition media outlets in the past few days claimed that the militiamen entered Egypt through the smuggling tunnels along the border with the Gaza Strip.

The reports quoted unidentified Egyptian security officials as saying that the Hamas militiamen had been spotted in the Egyptian border town of Rafah before they headed toward Cairo, to shore up the Muslim Brotherhood regime of Morsi, which Hamas may have feared was in danger of collapse. (continue reading...)