Open letter to PM David Cameron regarding Turkey

29 July 2010

Nicolai Sennels

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

You say you want Turkey to be member of EU. I personally think that you just want the rest of Europe to have the same problems with Muslims as you do. But that is my personal guess - here are the hard facts: Video clip of Cameron endorsing Turkish EU membership. Visiting YouTube to see readers' comments is encouraged. 99.8 percent of the more than 77 mio. Turks living in Turkey are Muslims (CIA World Factbook).

Please study the Quran and see what that means: It is a criminal book that forces people to do criminal things (examples here)! From September 11th 2001 (do you remember...?) to July 28th 2010 there have been 15.373 confirmed cases of murder motivated by the Quran and the inhuman example of the Muslim's prophet as described in his life story in the Hadiths (The Religion of Peace). Do you really think we need to open our European borders to 77 mio. followers of such an ideology?

Turkish immigrants in Denmark have a crime index of 184 (meaning that their frequency of crime is almost double that of the average Danish citizen) (Kulturklø

Do you really think we need more of that on our continent?

Did you know that "Three out of four women in all of Turkey is in average victim to physical or psychological violence at least one time per month." (

Do you want such a view on women to take root in our societies?

And did you know that "70 percent of the Turkish citizens never read books, Konda public opinion researchers said, APA reports. The research centre conducted opinion poll among 6482 respondents and found out mood of national and religious discrimination, as well as isolation is still in a high level in the country.

According to research reports, despite that there are many Turks living in the European countries, 90 percent of Turkish citizens never travel to the foreign countries. 73 percent of respondents were against the purchasing of real estate by the foreigners. Most of them considered the neighbour countries as a threat for the territorial integrity of Turkey.

The researchers found interesting facts about the women’s role in the Turkish society. 70 percent of respondents think that the woman can work only by consent of her husband. 57 percent said considered appearance of women in the public places without headscarves as unacceptable.” (APA).

Do you think such a culture belongs in Europe or is even European?

"Public opinion in EU countries generally opposes Turkish membership, though with varying degrees of intensity. The Eurobarometer September-October 2006 survey [77] shows that 59% of EU-27 citizens are against Turkey joining the EU, while only about 28% are in favour." (Wikipedia).

Do you know what representative democracy means?

Turks in Denmark are more criminal than Somalis, Iranians and Iraqis (all war stricken countries with a high amount of traumatized refugees). This record is form Statistics Denmark and is correlated for economical and educational status. We Europeans are sick and tired of criminal foreigners being invited to our countries by the politicians that we - with our votes - trusted to take good care of our countries!

25-30 percent of marriages in Turkey are intermarriages (Jyllands-Posten). This means that 25-30 percent of all Turks are the result of inbreeding. Surely you already know that inbreeding between cousins doubles the risk of mental and physical handicaps and that Western societies are struggling hard with the economic consequences of handicapped immigrants (BT).

Besides the 100 percent increase in physical handicaps, this also effects the intelligence of the offspring negatively - which surely our schools and institutions have noticed: "...studies in which the effects of inbreeding on cognitive performance have been examined revealed that offspring of first-cousin marriages had lower IQ scores than offspring of unrelated parents. ...offspring of unrelated parents performed better than offspring of first-cousin marriages in intelligence and achievement tests administered at grades 4 and 6. The lowest level of performance and a higher variance were found for offspring of double-cousin marriages. The inbreeding depression found in this study is consistent and cannot be explained by the effects of socioeconomic status." (Nature).

Do you think that this can partly explain why the Turkish population already living in Europe proved to be incapable of integrating to the necessary extent in our high tech knowledge societies?

Did you know that in several provinces in Turkey "13 percent of the parents and 9.9 percent of students had witnessed an honour killing? ... The study also showed that 26.2 percent of the parents and 25.9 percent of the students said they support such killings.”? Can you tell me: What honour is there in killing unarmed and helpless family members?

The majority of Turks elected a president - Erdogan - who has been in jail for promoting violent Islamic messages in Turkey (Muslim Lawyers). Erdogan sent his daughters abroad to avoid the Turkish ban on head scarves in public schools and universities (Turkish Weekly News).

Do you want a people that elect such a leader free access to our welfare societies?

I tell you one thing, David: You will never ever succeed in getting Turkey into Europe! Never.


Nicolai Sennels

Psychologist, author of "Among Criminal Muslims. A psychologist's experiences from the CopenhagenMunicipality."