"No Way Through for Germans"

islamversuseurope.blogspot.ca - 02 December 2012

Recently in the middle of October 20 police vehicles had to be deployed to stop a mass battle between 50 of the inhabitatns. According to the police, it was mainly Serbs and Arabs who were fighting with knives, sticks and tear gas.

Inhabitant Ramona Nomigkeit doesn't dare to leave her child (8) alone in front of the door any more: "The gangs of criminals spit on us, insult us and steal from us." Her neighbour Irene Boschen is afraid too: "They shout "Shit Germans" at us, and also hung up a sign between their apartment blocks that said "No way through for Germans".

Source: Bild

Recently Radio Bremen broadcast a documentary about the city's "problem areas". Some members of a criminal gang called "Los Arabs" were interviewed": (continue reading...)