#MyJihad in India: Muslims murder 13, injure 84 with bombs in crowded area of Hyderabad

Jihad Watch - 21 February 2013

This is probably revenge for the execution of would-be jihad mass murderer Afzal Guru. "Terror returns, again on cycle: 13 killed in Hyderabad twin blasts," from the Times of India, February 22 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

HYDERABAD: It proved to a lull before a terrifying storm. Seventeen months after the last deadly bomb blast at the Delhi High court, two powerful bombs fastened to parked bicycles ripped through Hyderabad's bustling Dilsukhnagar area on Thursday, killing at least 13 persons and injuring 84 others. While no individual or group has claimed responsibility so far, intelligence officers insist that the deadly operation bears the stamp of Lashkar proxy, Indian Mujahideen.

Thursday's bombs triggered back-to-back explosions near popular movie theatres, blowing bodies into the air, flattening shops and houses and triggering panic among scores of injured people who were seen scurrying for cover in all directions with blood oozing out of their heads and legs. (continue reading...)