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France: The Coming Civil War
Germany’s Secret Islamic Horror: How Blind Elites Are Destroying A Once-Great Nation
The scourge of Islam
Secret Docs Reveal Why Germany is 'Helpless' to Deport Illegal Migrants
Declassified 9/11 Report Details Saudi Links to Hijackers
Nice Terror Attack: What They're NOT Telling You
Over 2 million Muslims migrated to Germany in 2015
Lone Wolf Terrorism Is Caused by Muslim Immigration
Six wealthiest countries host less than 9% of world's refugees
42% of French Muslim Youth Support Suicide Bombing, Young US Muslims Not Far Behind
Where Are the Peaceful Muslims?
Refugees lead to record German immigration - statistics office
Turkey: 3000 Rapists Have Avoided Jail by 'Marrying' Their Victims
Sweden: FGM and Rampant Sexual Assaults Steam On
Europe will submit to radical Islam
Black Slaves For Sale - Islam’s Disturbing Legacy of Slavery
Wilders: The People's Wisdom On Islam Is That It Is A Serious Threat
"Gangster Islam": Disturbing phenomenon on the rise in Europe
9 Steps to successfully counter jihad
Bill Warner, PhD: The Tears of Jihad Museum
Study: Muslim Parents Would Keep Quiet About Jihadi Children
HALF of Europeans ‘FEAR’ refugees as hate crimes continue to rise
Over half of Europeans link terrorism to refugee influx – PEW survey
Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic: ‘Cologne is every day’
UK Sharia courts review branded a 'whitewash' over appointment 'bias' concerns
Migrant Teens Walk Free In Sweden Ferry Rape Case
Head of French Police: Migrant Sex Assaults Could Trigger “Civil War”
Refugee Activists Worry Anti-Rape Laws Will Hurt Muslim Migrants
Half of Muslim Sex Attackers in Germany Came Because of Merkel
Report: Over 1,200 women assaulted in Germany on New Year's Eve
The People’s Wisdom on Islam: Serious Threat
Robert Spencer on the Muslim Brotherhood's Persecution of Christians
It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out
Pat Condell: We Saved Our Democracy
Does Islam Belong to Germany?
Government sharia investigation ‘more suited to theology debate than protecting women’s rights’
Austria rules face veil ban at work is 'not discriminatory'
Old Enough to Rape, Too Young to Deport
Paul Weston: The left owns the politics of hate
Gavin Boby What is a mosque
Study: Majority of EU Citizens Fear Muslim Migration
POLL: Almost 30% of Americans think Obama sympathizes with ISIS
The Basics of Islam 13: Robert Spencer on Islam's View of Women
Europe: When Free Speech Died
5 Things We Know About Sharia Law (But the Washington Post Won’t Tell You)
Video: Daniel Greenfield on the Next Generation of Islamic Terrorism
Geert Wilders: We Must Preserve Western Identity and Civilisation By Ending Muslim Mass Migration
Bill Warner, PhD: No Sympathy for Kafirs
Female Genital Mutilation Cases Increase Due to Migrants
Islamic Radicalisation Surges In German Jails

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The Syrian man who blew himself up in a small Bavarian town in the name of so-called Islamic State (IS) had faced deportation to Bulgaria after losing his bid for asylum status in Germany.
"The United States is full of anglicized German names, from Smith to Steinway, from Miller to Schwartz. The reason: integration was made easier. ... I think that German citizens of foreign origin ...
The German people are suffering the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reckless open door “refugee” policy. Merkel laid down the welcome mat for around a million migrants last year, many of ...
When it comes to the connection between Islam and violence against non-Muslims, one fact must be embraced: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in the West are either liars ...

No emotion is more potent in politics than fear. After four terror attacks in the space of just a week, Germans are today living in fear.
No end to the nightmare is in sight.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is being blamed for ruining Germany and Western Europe by importing terrorism and enabling a Muslim rape epidemic that has destabilized the EU.
His own parents were so frightened by his violence that they kicked him out when he was 16. Desperate, by the time he was 19, they dragged him to a psychiatrist, who prescribed an antipsychotic drug, ...
The European Union should refuse entry to all Muslims and “de-Islamise” Europe, the leader of the Dutch far-right Freedom Party has said following the Ansbach bombing on Sunday.
On July 25, 2016, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer appeared on Fox Business' Varney & Co. to discuss the recent spate of Muslim migrant jihad attacks in Germany, and the migrant crisis in general.
Imagine if right-wing extremist neo-nazi skinheads had spent the last 8 months carrying out the same amount of terror that Islamists are responsible for.
Video footage has emerged of confrontations between individuals claimed to be supporters of Islamic State and mourning Germans at a shrine to victims of Friday’s shooting in Munich, while police ...
In the space of eight days, no fewer than six rapes and assaults against women reported in southern Sweden. In most of the cases it is about rapes outdoors with multiple perpetrators and four of them ...
The man worked for Helsingborg municipal authorities in southern Sweden, and said that although it was against his religious beliefs to shake hands with female colleagues, he was happy to shake hands ...
Speaking after four rampage attacks hit Germany in just seven days - three of which were carried out by refugees - Sahra Wagenknecht said that more needed to be done to help Germans feel "safer".
Four attacks in a week — three of them carried out by asylum seekers — have left Germany on edge and Chancellor Angela Merkel's policies of welcoming refugees under renewed criticism.
The Islamic Cultural Centre of Italy, which runs the Great Mosque in Rome, has launched a project providing refresher courses and Italian language training for imams, secretary-general Abdellah ...
Germany is on edge following a string of attacks by refugees, including a 27-year-old Syrian man who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State before blowing himself up outside an open-air music ...
A new survey conducted by Megafon found that three out of four Danes want moderate Muslims and imams to be more vocal in dissociating themselves from terrorist acts.
A DEFIANT Brit dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ who converted to Islam and fled to Syria says he does not fear being killed because “if they bomb me, they bomb me”.
In spite of Italy's position on the front line of the Mediterranean refugee crisis, just one in four of the country's municipalities has housed refugees and asylum seekers, according to a report in ...

An illegal Somalian immigrant who kidnapped a schoolgirl weeks after being released early from a jail sentence for rape should have been deported three years ago. Abdi Waise, 28, was served a ...

Austria has finished preparations for building a possible 100 kilometre fence along its eastern border with Hungary after securing permission from hundreds of private landowners in the region.
After a young Marseille Muslim took issue with Isis threatening his city by posting a foul-mouthed video tirade that went viral, the terror group felt the need to respond.
From yesterday’s “Meet the Press.” His plan last year, remember, was a total ban on all Muslims worldwide from entering the U.S. (temporarily), possibly up to and including American Muslims who are ...
The Brooklyn DA’s office is investigating allegations that the two teens beaten to a pulp by an enraged boyfriend outside a Brooklyn Mosque were sexually assaulting his girlfriend, The Post has ...
July 12, 2006 was the first day of what has become known as the Second Lebanon War. The name of the war, like most of the lessons taken from it, is off. The war Israel fought in the summer of 2006 ...
President Obama has surrounded himself not with military strategists but rather with fiction writers, wide-eyed diplomats whose strategy is "don't do stupid shit," and law enforcement officials who ...
The human rights group said it has “credible evidence” that around 10,000 Turkish soldiers face the severe punishments for their part of the failed military coup against president Erdogan.

The Turkish ambassador to the Netherlands expects Turkey to make an official request for help in tackling associations allied to Muslim cleric Fetthulah Gulen, according to broadcaster NOS.

One of John le Carre’s best spy novels is “The Tailor of Panama.” Inspired by an earlier Graham Greene novel, “Our Man in Havana,” the former British intelligence officer le Carre tells us about fake ...

An illegal Somalian immigrant who kidnapped a schoolgirl weeks after being released early from a jail sentence for rape should have been deported three years ago. Abdi Waise, 28, was served a ...

A young gay, Liberal activist says he agrees with Sonia Kruger's call to ban Muslim immigration. Josh Manuatu, president of the ACT Young Liberal movement, wrote an opinion piece in The Spectator ...

Authorities say three Florida men planned to travel to Syria and become fighters for the Islamic State.
Since late May, Christians in Egypt have been the victims of at least a dozen sectarian attacks, and activists and politicians say the government has done little to stop it, despite Egyptian ...
Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) executed a young Iraqi man by throwing him from the top of a building on charges of being gay, activists reported on Friday.
The German intelligence service recently reported many clandestine Iranian attempts to obtain dual-use chemical, biological and nuclear technology.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is continuing his assault on Turkey's institutions, as he has ordered the closure of 2250 schools and charities connected to the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Forty-two years ago today, July 20, 1974, the “secular” Turkish army, consistent with its Sharia-supremacist Ottoman ancestors, and their predatory 16th century jihad conquest of Cyprus [see Hill’s ...
John Kerry needs to jet over to Lebanon and explain to Hizballah that they’re misunderstanding Islam, and that jihad terrorism has nothing whatsoever to do with the true, peaceful teachings of the ...
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while discussing banning Muslims form certain territories, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down on a claim he had made a week earlier in an ...
President Erdogan of Turkey has revealed the harrowing details of his return to Istanbul during the coup attempt a week ago, saying that he put his faith in God as his aircraft tried to land in ...
The businessman and philanthropist recommended that Bulgaria form a union with other Balkan countries who would be threatened by Turkish moves to expand their territory and influence.
Dutch Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, in town to observe the Republican convention, praised Donald Trump and the GOP nominee’s skepticism of Muslim immigration to the U.S.
Seemingly doubling down on his comments in April (following what he called Europe’s “flawed asylum policy”), George Soros has expanded his demands from four to seven fundamental pillars on how to ...
A man accused of murdering his sister, a well-known Pakistani model, because he was outraged at her social media activity has appeared in court.
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged Erdogan's government to react in a restrained way to last week's failed coup and end the three-month state of emergency as quickly as possible.
Sheila Gunn Reid reports on testimony from Christian NGO "Samaritan's Purse" to the House of Commons Immigration committee which confirms that Yazidis are being systematically discriminated against ...
Ezra Levant of talks at length about the attempted coup in Turkey with Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum.